Trusted and Experienced Business Guides

We are huge fans of the American entrepreneurial spirit and creating value and purpose in our professional lives and community alike. 

Our laser-like focus is to help CEOs, business owners, and leadership teams achieve peak performance and maximize their impact on employees, clients, community, and the economy. Together, we can build it better!

Pass it Forward

Throughout our business successes, and perhaps most importantly our failures, we have gained enormous insight and wisdom. In short, we have been blessed and have committed ourselves to passing it forward to others. 

Guides Not Consultants

Consultants tell you what to do and breed dependency. In contrast, we serve as a trusted guide, making the journey with you and assuring implementation success as we go. The joy is always in the results. 

We’ve Been There

Our founder is a third-generation serial entrepreneur having started seven businesses and also helped a couple dozen entrepreneurs start businesses. He’s worked with hundreds of businesses in many different industries.

It’s taken a while, but we know what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve Done That

We are serial-entrepreneurs and have experienced the frustration and exhaustion associated with navigating through good as well as bad times. Catalyst was founded to help make the entrepreneurial journey the rewarding experience it should be. We are committed to helping you fall in love with your business again. Ask us for our case studies.

Organizational Whiplash

There are literally thousands of books and online courses that offer business management tools and techniques. Many business leaders enthusiastically push the principles into the organization without much follow through. Then next month, they do it again, creating organizational whiplash.

We bring clients a combination of Business Operating System expertise and other mission-critical solutions that bring clarity, focus and discipline to the chaos found in many organizations.


Todd Hanson
Company Founder

Todd is a perpetual learner and has always blown away paradigms for the companies he has worked for and run himself. He is an award-winning author and accomplished speaker.

In his early years, Todd was Senior Vice President of Sales for an incentive travel, meetings, rewards and recognition business, managing large face-to-face engagement efforts for leading companies. After that, he started his own people performance management business focusing on engagement process design, implementation and return-on-investment measurement, before becoming Chief Engagement Officer for a leading strategic live event and media services firm. 

For the past six years, Todd has pioneered the development and implementation of Business Operating Systems coupled with enterprise engagement strategies and tools that have driven profitable results for clients.

Todd has earned the Certified ROI Professional designation from the ROI Institute Inc. and the Certified Professional of Incentive Management designation from the Incentive Marketing Association. He is a founding member of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at in 2008 and serves as a Senior Advisor and on the organization’s Executive Action Committee.

Check him out and connect with Todd on LinkedIn.

Bruce Bolger
Senior Advisor for ISO Certification and Enterprise Engagement Practices

Bolger is a world-recognized expert on the field of Enterprise Engagement, a practical process for achieving organizational goals through a strategic and systematic approach to addressing the needs of all stakeholders, and is one of the early proponents of Stakeholder Capitalism as a better way to generate returns for shareholders. He is author of two books on Enterprise Engagement, Enterprise Engagement for CEOs: The Little Blue Book for People-Centric Capitalists, and Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, the only textbook on the field.

Bruce has run organizations over the past two decades that have supported dozens of studies on the economic benefits and processes involved with Enterprise Engagement, including the Engaged Company Stock Index, which over six years outperformed the S&P 500 by over 36%. He is also Founder of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at, which provides the only certification for ISO 30414 Human Capital Management and ISO 10018 Quality People Management.