The Power of People

Existential threats always bring business leaders back to one foundational truth: assets are worthless without great people. Maximizing engagement allows companies to harness the horsepower of people with inspiring vision, strategy, and implementation. When all stakeholders “clip in” for the journey to reach the top, profits flow and the fun returns to the business.

Business Operating Systems coupled with engagement strategies drive performance!

  • Achieve sales, service, and productivity goals.
  • Improve and maintain service quality.
  • Energize vendors, distribution channels, and supply chain partners.
  • Reduce accidents and enhance wellness.
  • Fuel innovation in products, services, and processes.

To the Top – Get Your Bearings First

You’ll never reach the pinnacle until you know precisely where you are to begin. Catalyst can provide the snapshot on employee engagement that creates a baseline.

One Step at a Time – How we doing?

Putting your finger on the pulse of your human capital will reveal progress and assure you know when to jump in to help. Our proprietary software allows you to do this in a simple and inexpensive way. 

Lead Well

Great leaders have a heart to serve. When the organization or an individual team member needs help, you’ll be there. Catalyst excels at translating engagement measures into actionable steps designed to improve the health and strength of your people.  

Engagement Solutions

Employee Engagement Poll
Net Engagement Tracker
Team Health Workshops
Incentives, Rewards, Recognition, and Loyalty

More on Engagement Strategy

As one of the founders in 2008 of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at and contributor to the field’s first formal curriculum, Catalyst brings to the design of engagement processes the same strategic and systematic approaches used with a Business Operating system. What makes our approach unique is that it addresses engagement from the point of view of the individual to identify specifically what is needed to engage him or her in the organizational mission, vision, and goals, and what can be done to enable and encourage behavior. 

Catalyst is unique in that we look for more efficient ways to better use, align, and measure the coaching, communications, learning, and reward practices already in place to address what’s necessary in each individual or team to move the needle. 

The return-on-investment is measured by the achievement of your goals; the productivity and quality of your customers, employees, distribution partners, and other stakeholders, and the degree to which it is improves or declines each year. 

As the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) discovered in 2012 with the creation of new human capital standards, and as the Japanese in particular discovered with their concept of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, the engagement of your people in your business plan is critical to success. 

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