Let’s get serious about where we invest time and money. Your people deserve the best and together we will quantify results and map out a plan to fill any gaps. Certified ROI Professional, ROI Institute


We have destroyed the myth that investments in people cannot be measured. Ask us for a case study.

  • Business Operating Systems
  • Employee Engagement
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Training and Development
  • Meetings and Events
  • Incentives, Rewards, Recognition
  • IT Satisfaction
  • Software Deployment

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, Prescribes Measurement

Over 20 years of research and new standards from the prestigious International Organization for Standardization known as ISO 30414 human capital reporting guidelines demonstrate that your organization can benefit from multiple valuable measures of performance that can often be measured in dollars and cents as well as quality of experience.

Client and Employee Satisfaction – Take the Guesswork Out

Smart businesses keep their finger on the pulse of client and employee satisfaction. Knowing exactly how you are doing allows the organization to celebrate success and intervene precisely when necessary. Net Engagement Tracker is our proprietary on-line solution that makes it simple and inexpensive to gain the necessary optics. Save one client or one employee and experience a hundredfold return on investment. Schedule a demo.

Employee Engagement – Eliminate the Complexity and Paralysis of Analysis

Our EE Poll takes the mystery and complication out of knowing exactly how engaged your team is. Most importantly, our process delivers specific, customized recommendations that turn insight into action. The result is a healthier and more profitable organization. Ask us for research on engagement and samples of our work.

Training and Development – Assuring You Hit the Mark

Organizations spend enormous sums on training and development often without stepping back to identify the results. Catalyst uses ROI Methodology, the international gold standard from the ROI InstituteR   for identifying the learning objectives and potential impact of training and development. This methodology can be applied to virtual or face-to-face programs. Ask us for samples of our work.

Meetings and Events – Justify the Spend

In a post-pandemic world, the results created in face-to-face meetings isn’t just nice to know, it is mandatory. Bringing people together is costly. Together we will define desired outcomes, evaluate results, know exactly if you hit the mark, and create an action plan that assures every future meeting or event is quantifiably better than the last. Ask us for samples of our work.

Recognition and Rewards – Expense or investment?

The Incentive Federation, an industry research group, estimates that organizations spend about $50 billion on rewards and recognition for sales and non-sales employees, customers, and even suppliers. Yet, surveys by the Incentive Research Foundation find that few organizations have formal return-on-investment measures. 

Catalyst helps organizations create and implement effective performance improvement efforts for any internal and external audience by linking the organization’s goals to the specific actions and skills required by the specific stakeholders needed to achieve them. 

Human Capital and Enterprise Engagement Measurements

The ISO 30414 human capital reporting standards, developed by over 40 countries over an eight-year period, have identified many easy to collect data points for organizations that can be used to put a value on human capital as well as measure the effectiveness of managing it. Catalyst helps organizations identify data they can use to make better decisions inside the organization and the information that can be shared with investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and communities interested in knowing how your company treats people. 70% of people say they want to invest in, do business with, or work for companies that focus on people.