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FREE Working Session through June 30, 2020. Want a little help now right now? We believe in the American entrepreneurial spirit and will happily invest 90 minutes to give you a jump start during this time of disruption. Topics may include:

Get your bearings and gain traction now | Recreate priorities for the next 45 days | Put the right people on the bus | Reimagine your 2020 business plan

We want to help you build your business better.  Together we can kickstart your company, grow the economy, create jobs, and build even greater communities.

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Smart leaders have used Business Operating Systems (BOS) for decades to achieve results. A BOS is a complete set of simple yet powerful tools that helps you make better decisions, foster alignment, save money, achieve better results, and create better experiences for all stakeholders. EOSr Implementer and Pinnacle Leadership Team Coach.



  • Clear
  • Comprehensive
  • Precise
  • Inspirational
  • Engaged
  • Empowered
  • Resourceful
  • Effective
  • Simple
  • Predictable
  • Efficient
  • Accountable
  • On Target
  • On Time
  • Continuously Improving

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Catalyst is the spark, initiating profoundly positive transformation in businesses.

We are serial-entrepreneurs and are experts in implementing Business Operating Systems and other critical services. Our passion: Guiding business owners and leadership teams to peak performance.


We walk alongside clients every step and remain engaged to ensure success with a pay-for-performance model.


About Catalyst

ENGAGEMENT The Power of People



Without your people, you’ve got nothing.

Great leaders capture the heads and the hearts of their people by being vulnerable, honest, and casting inspiring vision. Engaging employees, clients, and even vendors is the right thing to do. And when they “clip in”, profits flow.

We can show you exactly how engaged your people are. And most importantly, how to move the needle with simple, time-tested tools and techniques.

  • EE Polls
  • Net Engagement TrackerR
  • Engagement Strategy

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Hit the mark! Measure ROI.
Investment in people, training, process, and organizational health are critical to business success. Whatever you spend, make sure you hit the mark. Measure, defend, justify and continuously improve each and every line item in your budget. As Certified ROI Professionals, we quantify the qualitative and translate insight into action. Together, we’ll make sure your investment is on target.


Training and Development
Recognition and Rewards
Organizational Health



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Faster. Better. Smarter!

Why learn how to run a Business Operating System the hard way. Catalyst provides coaching for owners and leadership team. Trust us; we’ve been there, done that. We’ll identify your needs and help you avoid fails, and create more wins.

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Acquire the skills right now! Gain the knowledge and tools that move your business, and your people, forward.  You’ll get engaging, hands-on workshops and guarantee takeaways for participants at your next meeting or event. Learn more.

Workshop Descriptions



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