Turbulent times create uncertainty and instability in the hearts and minds of clients and employees alike. Reduced face-to-face contact with clients and distributed, remote workforces make retention and loyalty more difficult to manage.

For employees, studies reveal stress levels are at an all-time high leading to burn out, diminished performance, and willingness to look for other career opportunities.

For clients, many are being solicited aggressively by companies that believe uncertainty and turbulence disrupts loyalty.

Smart business owners keep a proactive finger on the pulse of clients and employees, their most important assets.

When you do, you are empowered with the insight to celebrate successes, identify upward or downward trends, and literally rescue at-risk clients and employees. Rescuing just one client or employee can save thousands of dollars.

In this webinar, you will learn how to accomplish the following:

  • Quantify employee and client satisfaction levels
  • Identify highs, lows, and trends
  • Know when to intervene to address issues and opportunities 
  • Know when to escalate problems to higher levels
  • Rescue at-risk clients and employees
  • BONUS – Employee Engagement Polls for Dummies

Who should attend?

  • Business Owners and CEOs
  • Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • HR Heads
  • Anyone that knows people are an organizations most important asset!


Todd Hanson, President, Catalyst Performance Group
Todd is a third-generation, serial entrepreneur who has lived the American Dream and owned seven businesses. When the dream turns to nightmare is when he has grown the most and he loves to take what he has learned and pass it forward.

He currently spends most of his time as a business guide; teaching, training, mentoring, and walking alongside business owners who dare to build their business better.

His single greatest ah-ha moment was discovering the transformational power of Business Operating Systems, a strategic and systematic means to making more dreams come true for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Bruce Bolger, Founder, Enterprise Engagement Alliance
Bruce is a pioneer in engagement across the organization.  In 2008, Bolger founded that Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, the first and only organization dedicated to maintaining a formal curriculum on the management and measurement of people in business. He has co-authored two books on engagement, including Enterprise Engagement for CEOs, and Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 5th edition. He also founded the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at, which provides the first certification program for ISO 30414 human capital management and ISO 10018 quality people management standards.

Bill Banham, Publisher & Editor at The HR Gazette
Bill was cofounder of innovateWork, a meetups and conferences for HR professionals and business leaders and started HR Gazette to bring news and opinions for HR, talent and leadership professionals, employe engagement, and company culture. He has a regular podcast, HRchat, talking with the world’s smartest HR professionals.