Never Go Alone

K2 K2 is a majestic and breathtaking mountain, the second tallest in the world at 28,251 feet. The statistics: 367 have made it to the top, 86 have perished. Reaching the peak is an incredibly challenging thing to do. It’s important to note that climbersreach the summit with the assistance of a Sherpa. They are uniquely qualified to read the weatherand recommend routes. Quite simply, Sherpas know the way. They’ve been there, done that, and help carry the load … Continued

Business Operating Systems, The Perfect Prescription

For the Greater Good The world changed as a result of COVID-19. More than ever, small business will lead the way to hope and the assurance of a brighter future. As a nation, we have always counted on this sector and this time is no different. Whether you own a business or help lead one, … Continued

Opportunity Through Adversity – Where are you now?

Within every crisis lies opportunity. And no doubt, 2020 has presented us with the crisis. Those who persevered through the bust, 9/11, and the Great Recession recognize this and have their own success stories. Most will tell you they emerged more resilient and stronger than before. Yesterday’s Adversity My mother, at the revered age of 92, has … Continued

Well, that was unexpected. What will be your response?

COVID-19 In March 2020, COVID-19 changed the course of the world as we knew it. Our lives, livelihood, and nation were at risk. The magnitude and speed of change was unprecedented. I’ve lived through economic bust of the 70’s with mortgage rates of 18%, the bubble, 9/11, and the Great Recession. They were all life changing. But this is different. Time Warp … Continued